H&M Brick Lane Bikes

Role: Concept, Social media strategy Agency: ACNE Production Client: H&M

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H&M has teamed up with Brick Lane Bikes to produce a collection of urban cycling gear. To create awearness, H&M were giving away over 200 fixed bikes, 5 in each country. I wrote social media strategy that included integrated approach across all channels.

We also created simple yet funny game where you need to keep your cool and balance that bike! You had to balance on the bike with your left/right arrows and to stay close to the center of the streets of London to score maximum points.

H&M Maison Martin Margiela

Role: Art direction, Design Agency: ACNE Production Client: H&M

During the fall of 2012 we were asked to create the campaign site for the collaboration between H&M and Maison Martin Margiela. The overall idea is a playful take on pop up windows.

Each campaign image has a personal theme with inspirational pop ups and sounds that help make the experience of every image unique.

BMW The Pathfinders

Role: Art direction, Design Agency: ACNE Production/Jung von Matt Client: BMW

When BMW launched their new 3-serie car, they asked us to hide the first one somewhere in Sweden, using Google Maps. The first user who found it, got it! Simple as that.

With help from pathfinders, showing the way, the users started searching the great areas of Sweden. With over 450.000 square kilometres of wasteland the winner had to struggle actively for over 70 hours to find the car. But boy, was he happy!

Lay’s Max

Role: Creative direction Agency: Impact Proximity Client: Pepsico Lay's

Lay’s Max is a heavier, denser version of the Lay’s chips but consumers don’t really know the difference between a regular potato chip and Lay’s Max. Our goal was to inform consumers that Max is for a more intense hunger.

We created a massive website that helped our consumers keep their hunger at bay. It also reached millions of people across the region helping us donate USD100,000 to the World Food Program to fight hunger in the Horn of Africa.