Product Strategy
User Interviews
Persona Development
Customer Journey Mapping
Interactive Prototyping
Visual Design

Adobe Creative Suite

Diet Doctor (2020)
As a part of a pitch, I did UX for a Diet Doctor mobile app new functionality, targeting busy professionals around the globe. The business idea behind the functionality is to “use what they already have in their kitchen” to make quick but healthy meals at home. My approach would literally help people make a low carb meal with what they already have, in the shortest time possible – using either microphone or a smart search to add ingredients and filter possible recipes.

MyBazar (2018)
I designed both UX and UI for MyBazar, a government-supported social commerce marketplace in Malaysia. My role included everything from business strategy and employee management to product development of iOS, Android and Web applications. MyBazar helped 4,500 small rural merchants selling online to urban customers resulting in 40% growth of monthly sales and a revenue of USD 200,000 in the first six months.

Swedbank / Thinkable (2015)
I delivered UX and UI to launch ’Expense Control’, a personal finance tool within Swedbank’s mobile app designed to provide 1,8 million customers a visual and simple understanding of their spending habits. Nearly 30% of our mobile customers started using ’Expense Control’ in the first 3 months, which also earned us Gold at Midas Awards in the Financial Software/Technology category.

Anticimex / Thinkable (2015)
In order to deliver UI for Anticimex global corporate website and e-commerce, I had to gain an in-depth understanding of their needs, ambitions, customers and target groups, strategy, differences in markets and Anticimex digital challenge and opportunity. The final result was a unified and responsively designed website, ensuring a seamless and device-independent experience for their customers.

Eniro / Thinkable (2014)
I helped Eniro to create a visionary prototype that was to guide Eniro into the future and enhance their customer experience. The prototype I delivered defined the future of Eniro’s business and their interactions with future customers. The project, delivered in 2014, became the foundation for the coming changes that are implemented today.

Adidas / Foreign (2005-2007)
Between those years I designed almost every digital campaign for adidas Football, adidas Women and adidas Stella McCartney. Working with amazing Art Directors, this is where I really learned pixel perfection and design craft. Together, we delivered more than 50 global campaigns to +28 markets in +18 languages and won many awards including Cresta Award, W3 Award and a New York Festivals Award to name a few.